Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SONO Project?
The SONO Project is a cryptocurrency project that is focused on building a complete ecosystem to allow users to obtain and spend their coins on official services.
What is SonoX?
SonoX is our very own currency exchange that will be released this summer.
How many coins do I need to make a Masternode?
1000 coins are needed for collateral.
Where can I buy SONO?
Nowhere as of now, we are waiting on Yobit to update to the right chain.
I think I am on the wrong chain, what do I do?
Go to your Appdata folder and delete all files but the wallet.dat. Resync and you should get onto the right chain.
What version of the wallet should I use? is currently the newest version.
Which block explorer is on the right chain? is confirmed to be on the right chain.